Saturday, October 6, 2012


I've been talking with a friend of mine about our plans to work outside of the country. She said that she wanted to save some money so she could build a small school. That made me think a lot. What am I planning  for my future? If you've read some of my blogs already, you'd probably know by now that I don't like making plans. That includes short and long term ones. I do have goals and wants but I don't have that one specific goal that I should have been pursuing right now. And that's bad.

I know that to be able to get somewhere you must have a map that you'd want to follow. The problem is, the kind of game I'm playing is open ended. I don't have missions. Just like a game of Grand Theft Auto -- you do have missions, but you choose to drive aimlessly around the city, ram into something or someone and steal some cars. That's where I am at this moment. Running along wherever the wind blows.
I like being a nurse, at least that's what my past self posted as a facebook status back then, which I totally believe of course, but at the same time, when I read other nurses' status, I dread it. I don't like to end up hating it, like them. :(

So now we're back to square one.
I guess, I just have to answer this one question first: Where am I going?

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