Friday, October 12, 2012

Don't Read.

First things first. I have my period right now so please bear with me?

  • I feel so bad, I don't know why. I feel hot and nauseated.
  • I'm hungry and I would like to eat at World Chicken right now. 
  • For days, I've been thinking of fusing my Tumblr and Blogger blogs into one Wordpress blog and I'm 70% heading to that direction. Still on the process, but I've been changing my mind bank and forth on it. I feel like I need something new.
  • My baby Sachi is in heat and I have no frackin clue on how to breed dogs. But we'll get there. And you all will witness it.
  • I've been on the process of doing duties I've been planning. I am now waking myself up at 9 in the morning and I started cooking too! Blog post about it is to follow.
  • I have no energy to blog right now. All of these things are on my mind's drafts. 
  • I hate bleeding monthly. But I like it. 

Ugh. Sorry, that's two minutes of your life you can't get back now.


  1. Ahahah brilliant!

    Yes, I talk about my period in my blog too sometimes...a girl has to vent you know?

    I'm totally with you with the 'I hate bleeding monthly. But I like it.' ...brill!

  2. Hi Cherry =)

    I found your blog through 20SB :) I have my moments to if my monthly visitor is about to come and I also feel bloated too.


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