Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The picture only shows an image of tree taken under it
It seems that the sun is up high and the day is burning at its highest
The leaves are thick and abundant, spilling slits of sunlight on its trunk
The soft wind making the twigs dance was captured mid-sway,
Definitely a calm and relaxing day

But the picture only shows an image of a tree taken under it
Not the image of whoever took the picture or whatever is happening behind that Polaroid
It might be a girl with her man lying on her lap that's taking the photo.
It might be a child taking random shots of everything he sees, new to the world.
It might be a man lying beside the grave of his love, taking the spring shot of their tree.

And nobody would ever know.
Because whatever is in the photo can only explain its story and not the story of the one taking it.
Because nobody ever did wonder.
And nobody would ever know.

Facebook cover photo I made which you can use if you like.

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