Tuesday, September 25, 2012


One of my closest friend's boyfriend is going back to the ocean on a ship for as long as a year.
I don't know if I could handle that if I was on her shoes.
You see, I don't believe in long distance relationships. Okay shoot me now.
I know, I know. That's highly pessimistic of me. There are couples who could stand the distance, but not for me. Men (most) are incapable of being consistent. I'm a control freak and I have trust issues so I'm sorry, that's too bad for me.

Yeah, I know that love knows no distance.. and all that crap. I believe it too, but there are boundaries to that distance. You know, I imagine the early days would be so difficult. You have to get used to the new idea that you can't see him in the weekend if you wanted to or needed to. No hugs or kisses. You can't feel his warmth, or his arms around you. You can't tickle him or mess with his hair. He can't hold your hands, you can't eat with him, sit with him, laugh with him and punch him at the same time. love can't be only physical but love also can't be only emotional. I need both. At the same time.

I haven't been in a long distance relationship so I'm looking at this only from one end of the rope, And from this end it looks like this: It's scary and I don't trust it. I don't say it won't ever work. It just might work -- for people who are truly dedicated to it. But it gets really really difficult, and then some. It's hard enough to work for two people then, comes the third. Again, I am NOT generalizing. I just don't think I'm that strong for it. But what do I know?

I sure pray when the time comes, somebody could change my mind.

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