Saturday, September 8, 2012


Everybody who's ever been hurt before always has a fear in their heart that one day gets triggered by an incident. Something that's somehow related to the things they have kept well locked inside a box. When this happens their heart will retreat in the corner -- and that is the part where the lights flicker.

They would go into an autopilot mode and drown themselves in what-ifs. They would either go straight into remission or muster up the courage to tell themselves and their irrational fears off.

The truth is we aren't afraid to get hurt. We are afraid to get hurt by the same reasons again. Pain is in the mind and as long as we think it's real, it is real. We have to tell ourselves to calm down and realize that this is a different person with a different personality. These are totally different circumstances and if you're lucky, this would be a new mistake. You WILL get hurt at one point but you got to make one thing straight -- you are not going to give in with the fear of getting hurt.

You will not run away just because you feel scared it would happen again. Most importantly, you will not treat the other person as if he's the one who did you wrong.

We all got ghosts we ran away from at one point in our lives. They won't control you and your life. YOU control them, put a leash on them and let them whimper on the corner. You get to decide when to release them, revive them, feed them or entirely kill them off your system. That's the important part.

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