Friday, August 3, 2012


I've been searching far and wide for something that could block websites from my sister's laptop so she could focus on doing her assignments when she needs to. And so, here I am to share with you all something incredible I had found in the internet!
*Drum rolls*
Introducing, Google Chrome's Extension: Stayfocusd (not a typo error☺)
Just use the search option on Google Chrome, because there is no URL for it on their page.

It gives you an option to block websites that you want for however long or short you want. The timer will start once the websites are open. After the time limit is exhausted the websites will be blocked for the day.
There are also hardcore options for the lazy where the time would remain running if the new website you opened was a link from a blocked website. Aside from

Now, there's no more reason to procrastinate!
You're welcome.

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