Thursday, August 30, 2012

POD: Accessory Rods

This is the birth of a new segment called Project of the Day. It's not an everyday challenge thing, but rather a random idea day that suddenly popped into my head. I have done a lot of these things but this would be the first time I'll be posting them, just to give you an inspiration and do something more out of it. ☺

I have these rods lying around my house from a failed shoe rack on an online store:

Do not buy these. It won't hold your shoes.
Any rod would do, even if it's made of wood or plastic, it just happens that these things are lying around my house. Anyway, that's the main purpose of this segment, to use things you already have.
Now, this one is fairly simple. Let's begin.

1: Gather your materials. A rod; a pair of these thingamajig hooks per rod -- you can also use hooks but the snugger the better; Hammer (or anything heavy like your stapler perhaps ☺) and pliers to adjust your hooks.

2:Ta da!


  • Adjust your hooks so they would fit better on your rod. It's important that one of the hooks are tighter than the other one so it would be secure, but still easy to remove. Place your hooks in place, making sure they are aligned.
  • It's better to use smaller hooks so that that rods are closer to the solid surface. Since this is placed on my closet door, it's important that the necklaces won't suddenly fly to one side of the rod when I close the door. Believe it or not, no matter how I open and close those doors, they still stay in place.
That's it! It's a little easy isn't it? The next one won't be. Stay tuned!:)

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