Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PDN ang Peg

Somebody called me up the last hour of the day to ask me if I can be a private duty nurse at 6am the next day. What do you think I told her??
Yes of gaddamncourse!

So I stopped whatever I was doing -- preparing a movie for a marathon with my sister -- and hunted for my white scrub suit uniform. I have to wake up at 3 am the next day for that duty you see, and I still have to wash and iron my uniform. My heart was beating hard because I wasn't expecting for the call and I had never been a private nurse before. Yes I do know how to be a nurse, but to deal with the patient's family is another story.  So I prepared my things in silence while I'm trying to figure out how to prepare myself. I just thought of one thing. Call my boyfriend -- he calms like a fast drip of Valium. I talked to him and he encouraged me and then I told him to sing me to sleep, which he did perfectly. His voice is almost always flat, but it makes me smile every single time. Just perfect. ♥

I woke up with sandy eyes the next morning and started my ritual. As expected, I arrived at the hospital too early for my shift. A grumpy nursing aid opened the door for me, but I decided that I won't give in to her sour mood and so I went straight to ICU 2. The outgoing private nurse was very friendly as she endorsed the patient to me. She even gave me a run through of being a private duty nurse and that's the only time I have also learned that my duty is for 12 hours. O_o

And so my day began..

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