Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Have You Ever?

I have. Not just once actually. From the same person. I don't know why on earth I cry, but sometimes it just overwhelms me how much love I feel for him. Is that weird? A while ago we were talking about some serious matter about us and he gave his thoughts about it, I teared up by just listening to him. I don't know! He just speaks from the heart that it shoots straight from his to mine. And there's this one time (at band camp) when we were talking on the phone and I just felt this surge of pain because I wanted to be with him and how I miss him and his hugs and kisses. I know, I know, being in love is such a gift and curse. I feel floating in cloud 9 every time we're together. I can even start to explain how.
 How long does the honeymoon stage in relationships last? He makes me so happy that I want to run and hide in fear that everything might go away if I enjoyed it too much. 
I am honestly lucky to have him. He might not be enough for the eyes of many, but for me he's perfect. A lot of people go walking around picking pebbles, lifting pretty rocks but throwing them away for value. And a lot of times, people disregard him for who he truly is. Little do they know that there's a diamond inside this rock waiting to be discovered, polished and cut into a mesmerizing piece of beauty. I love him with all of his imperfections that makes him the way he is. And if ever, one day, I'd blog a long and sappy post about us breaking up, I'd still be thankful that I knew somebody like him. I was loved and cared for a wonderful person and God lent him to me, even just for a while.

Have you ever loved somebody so much it makes you cry
Have you ever needed something so bad you cant sleep at night
Have you ever tried to find the words but they dont come out right
Have you ever..?

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