Saturday, August 25, 2012

Freewill: High

So. It's Saturday today and it's my free day, I can do anything I want anytime I want it. I will just open my blog post here and update it every time I'd do something. This post shall be title "Freewill: High" inspired by The Sims game. Let's see how productive my day is.

11:30 am -- I woke up. I washed the dishes and ate pasta.
12:30 pm -- Done with brunch. Went inside the room and sat in front of the computer.
1:30 pm  -- Done downloading a whole lot of things for my Sims 3 game. Ohh yeah! I remembered that  my sister is home so I borrowed her itouch and scrolled photos.
3:00 pm  -- Done uploading photos on Instagram. Will start organizing tumblr and flickr tags.
3:34 pm -- Done with tagging. Thinking of what else to do... Saw my download bar. Time to install.
3:40 pm -- Still installing, I think I download a hundred stuff! Getting hungry.
4:24 pm -- Done installing! WIll go to The Sims 3 Workshop to make some paintings, but first I will clean my room.
4:49 pm -- I played with my nephews and now I'm eating cereal.
10:00 pm -- Finished playing The Sims 3 just now.
11:00 pm -- Done taking a bath, about to watch a movie with my sister when somebody called me for a job....
12:00 am -- Done washing and ironing my white uniform. What is this for? You'll see :)

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