Sunday, August 19, 2012

Books and Babies

We don't have an internet connection today so I am typing this blog post on my notepad, which would be transferred later, hoping the internet guy would arrive. I think I am more productive with less internet. I've done a ot of things yesterday, such as the advertisement for a product we've been trying to sell. I (washing machine) have washed my old college uniforms ready to be put up in the internet and I have made time to bond with my sister, which consists of me drinking tea and she reading a book to me. Later that night I have regained internet connection so I was able to fully edit my simblog in tumblr. Also, because of that, I was able to sleep at 5 am only to wake up at 12 noon.
Now, the fingers on my left hand are sore from practing the guitar - something I've been trying to do for years now. And though I've been forcing myself to do this for years, I am still a beginner. I don't think I would ever learn to play an instrument.
Since yesterday I've been scanning my room for things that I can sell, and I found a couple. My old uniforms and my books. Since we had newborn twins in the family, one of my books suddenly become interesting for me. And with my highlighter and comfy chair, I've read atleast 20 pages regarding a child's developmental stages. It's so ironic since when I was in college, never have I read these things with much interest.
I guess it's true that things become fun to do when we don't need to do it.
If I would build a nursing school, here's what I would do. I would look for newlyborn infants from different communities so the students can learn these theories of development and at the same time witness them on their specific adopted family. A month to learn all the milestones for that specific month and a day to visit the family and check whether the child has achieved them and to also educate the parents on what and what not to expect at that stage. Nursing would be so much fun and interesting in my school.

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