Sunday, July 15, 2012

Self-pity Post

Here I am waiting for the time to pass. My internet connection a while ago was freaking out so I had to cancel some classes. I will start at 9:00 tonight.
I am kind of bored with my life right now. Careerwise. It's a little troubling that  I still don't have a permanent thing going on for me at this moment. Tutoring is good, but let's face it, I cannot do that forever. This was just supposed to be my work for the mean time, silly me couldn't find a job on my own. How pathetic is that?

Wow, another self-pity post. :)

It's just that sometimes I get jealous of people I know that already has a stable job. Getting paid every month with a salary they deserve, starting their own life, buying things they want or living on their own already. Why can't that life be for me? Maybe I should stop blaming nursing - thought it has its moments - and start looking at myself. I've given an amount of effort for this career but it feels like I am not doing my best at all. Is that the fact of the matter or am I just getting used to that idea people often make me feel.

Whichever way, I am technically still jobless, not to disrespect my current job, but you know what I mean.
Nursing still needs to be my priority right now, even though my mother is shoving me a lot of different places to apply at.

But that's another story.
Oh crap.
I hate this feeling.

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