Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Kind of Mornings

June 29 - I was supposed to work that night but I lied and told the office that the internet was down. Instead, I went to my high school friend's birthday celebration at Central Boy Bbq Grill and spent the night away with Soco and Badtrip shots, the way a friday night should be spent. :) I know that it may look bad but it really isn't. You should just weigh your priorities right. A little bit of a lot of things makes a balance life. Two of my closest friends in high school was there and it was really fun. There were also some other people in the party that I do not know and then there were dancing and I was asking my boyfriend questions of "what-ifs" and he totally proved that boys will be boys. Well, as I said, he always speaks his mind so if you ask him a question be ready for the answer. I was contented with his answers anyway, a little scary, but it was the truth so who can argue with that?

June 30 - My boyfriend and I decided to go home since I was on the clock and though (quite shockingly) my mother isn't bugging me to go home yet, we were tired and hungry already. We decided to grab a cab and look for food early in the morning, luckily there was an open store. We brought home a very delicious breakfast - sinangag, meat loaf, hotdogs, egg and soup.  The whole thing was really the cherry on top of the ice cream. In the wee hours of the morning, the sun preparing to rise but not quite there yet and the coolness of the wind against your skin, my boyfriend and I - slowly walking into sobriety - was having breakfast together at my house.
Putting plates down quietly, giggling and talking in hushed voices and stealing quick kisses is my kind of morning. ♥
The sun was on its way and we sat down on the couch. We decided to let the darkness pass and so my boyfriend slept on our sofa, sitting. He didn't want to lie down and told me that he was comfortable in that position. What a nut case :) I gave him a pillow and went inside my room to get some shut eye. I woke up early and woke him up too. He didn't want breakfast, or coffee, or anything - just a little good morning kiss maybe? :) - and so he goes and went home to continue his slumber, this time, lying down I hope.

Can you imagine that kind of mornings? I am urging you, please, for the love of god, go out there and have this kind of mornings or even your own kind of mornings, with that special person as much as you can. I am begging you!

When I close my eyes, I can still feel the smile on my face and on my heart. And I will never allow myself to forget it.

We woke up again and went out to have a saturdate. First stop was a shoe sale at Fort Bonifacio! Off to another adventure...

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