Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm Shoe In Love - Not.

I found this poster of I'm Shoe in Love floating around facebook one day and decided that it would be fun to go, so I asked my boyfriend and my friend to come with. At the same time, I also saw tickets with huge discounts on the internet so bought them. My boyfriend goes gaga over Nike and DC shoes - sadly they were not participating - while I, wasn't that excited to buy, just excited for the sale. :) And so we went to our first "Biggest sale event".

The sale was great, really. The prices went down to 30 - 50 %. There were lots beautiful shoes, bags and accessories.
The only problem is that most of them are wedges and high heels. I love them, but not enough to make myself suffer. I don't wear heels anymore, rarely if ever. Most of the people I saw there, buying shoes could might as well end up on a catwalk or a magazine cover. I honestly don't think we run on the same circles. I imagine them going to modelling auditions or to high end class bars, while I, am just a simple girl who needs a goddamn footwear that won't break her metatarsals and work her leg muscles out every step. The slippers were so-so and the accessories, well, I could make them on my own given the right parts. I almost bought one cute bendable shoe that I forgot the name of, only there was no more size for me. It's a shame that I didn't get to buy anything. Once you get a look around Divisoria, everything looks overpriced. :) Yeah, call me cheap but I don't buy things I can't use just to look classy. Besides, it doesn't depend on the price tag, the way you bring it brings it out. ;)

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