Monday, July 2, 2012

The Hair Always Gets the Change

I'm in a dire need of change with myself.
I feel that things are changing that it doesn't seem right and I feel a little different inside somehow. It must be because of my job that has no connection with nursing whatsoever that I feel the sweet sweet touch of freedom against my face. With that being said, I want to change my haircut, have a bangs and a new hair color.
Seems very possible, but I am still waiting for that little push so I could take that leap of faith. I am not that daring, but boredom can do a lot to you :)
I've been looking around the internet about the best haircut for people with round faces and high forehead, two gifts I have x_x So I have to keep in mind some tips or two so my haircut won't go wrong.
PLUS, I need to wear glasses again, since I don't take my prescription glasses seriously. And now I need it because I am glued to the monitor nowadays for work.


Will keep you posted on this thing playing on my mind.

UPDATE 7.2.12 AM

I cut my own hair today. It was really hard. I told myself time and again "Do not cut your own hair. Do not cut your own hair." But I never listen.
Anyhow, It went a little alright, some brushing might do the trick since they're a little stiff.

Off to the shower. I have to go out and buy myself some eye glasses.

UPDATE 7.2.12 PM

I had my hair dyed and highlighted tonight.
I've never done this before so you could just imagine my delight. :)
Still getting used to it though.

UPDATE 7/3/12 PM

I claimed my eyeglasses today. Instead of sticking to the generic black eye glasses I am used to buying, I bought a red framed one, a little bigger than my old ones. This is my 4th pair of glasses I believe, the others were either sat on, broken or chewed on by out dog -_-
Oh well, I wonder how this one would die? But then, I like it so much I might take care of this one. Besides, I'm the one who bought it so..

Anyway, this is the final installment for now. I don't think there would be anymore change.
Just kidding :)

“By changing nothing, nothing changes.” 
-Tony Robbins

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