Monday, July 16, 2012

Sydney Adventist Hospital Job Offer E-mail in Australia - SCAM?

So today, I have received a text and an e-mail from a person named Barry Oliver.
It was an e-mail regarding an application from job-street, a Staff Nursing job for Sydney Adventist Hospital in Australia.  NO PLACEMENT FEE! NO PROCESSING FEE! NO SALARY DEDUCTION
It shouted. Just a Php 3888 fee for the 2-day "Sydney Adventist British English Training".

Upon reading the text I got curious and so I immediately opened my e-mail. It was good so far, but the e-mail sounds too good to be true. In the news, a lot of scam artists and new modus operandi are being broadcasted and as eager as I am to have a job, I don't want to jump into it yet.
I have searched the website and it looks real. Barry Oliver was on the website and it said too that he is the Board Chairman. Searching farther, he is on an online Gazette of some kind. But I was wondering, why is the board chairman the one giving out e-mails hiring people. Isn't that job of human resources?

I have e-mailed the hospital in Australia and I am waiting for their response, hopefully they would respond to me as soon as possible. My only fear is that the website has been hacked. I don't have much trust on websites because I know how easy it is to make a website and register your own domain. And if a legitimate website has been hacked it's easy as pie to change the "contact-us" e-mail address and telephone numbers.
Too paranoid right? Wrong. This stemmed from an event that happened to me before. I was looking for a training office for my BLS at that time and I landed on an advertisement that has some details on how to pay, who to pay and how much the training fee was. When I had clicked the link to their website, the website was functional but poorly done. I had an intuition and contacted the person on the advertisement.
True enough, the ad itself was hacked and I was about to pay the hacker for it. Good grief!
Stupid hacker didn't change to contact number.
Thanks God I had been led to the right place. And so I payed the right person, and got the legit training I was looking for. Whew.

So there it is guys, it's never "too much" to care for yourself. Search and search about the agency or contact person and make sure it is not a scam before giving away your hard earned money.

I hope it's true because if it is, wow, I must have struck gold.
If it's not, damn. You people will get what you deserve for using us desperate nurses to your advantage.

Will keep you updated on this one.
PLEASE comment below if you have received the same e-mail or if you have any new news about it.
Thank you so much!
Pinay and pinoy nurses, be vigilant! Let's help each other and together we will all rise.

Fingers crossed,

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