Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Challenge Accepted

I got my first salary today! I could cross out "Received first salary" on my bucket list, but decided not to since this first salary consists only the half of the month of June and mostly are training days so I would only consider July's salary to be my first one :D I am very excited about that and very inspired to work harder and get the additional incentives my office is giving away. Doesn't Php 3,000 excite you?
Usually, I am not this competitive with myself, but recently I have realized that whenever I do things, whatever they may be, (90% of the time) I make it sure that I am doing my best and finish it and not leave it hanging. Until last week I thought that I was just doing things just to get it done, meaning giving 60% of effort for it. Now I know the truth. I was underestimating my self a little there. So from then on, I do better on things and I kept checking myself if I am doing my best for them.

Now, 300 lesson in month? Can I do that?
Well there are still 20 days left for July, I am a little skeptic but who knows right?
Round 1 begins tomorrow!

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