Tuesday, July 10, 2012


My friend texted me a while ago and asked me to go with her to Puerto Galera on August. It was a plan that was always brought up but never get done, so I told her "sure!". This time I am feeling that it would really push thru so I am really looking forward to it :) Hopefully my mother would allow me to go somewhere far, overnight, with my boyfriend. Hmm. And hopefully I'd have money by then :D

I don't usually go gaga over beaches or pools like normal people do. I can even go to an outing, not dip a finger in the water and still go home happy. The mere fact that I am with the people I love and see them enjoying themselves is enough for me. The relaxing wind, the sound of the waves and the brightness of the sun is enough for me. I don't know... that's just me.

Anyway, though that's my belief, I feel excited on this outing trip! Maybe this one is different because it's my first time to go with my friends. Or maybe because this is my boyfriend and I's first outing together. Or maybe because it's the farthest place I'd be able to go at . Either way, I am imagining that this one's going to be a blast and I am so (too) excited!

So here's the thing, the moment I said yes to my friend, is the exact same second I declared war with myself.
From this day forward, I will not give in to the temptation of unhealthy foods, try not to over eat and burn those extra calories I successfully hoarded inside my body.
Why the sudden jolt of inspiration? Simply because I want to freakin wear a swim suit! Is that too hard to ask?  (points at herself). There I said it! I want to try and wear and gadamned swimsuit.
I don't know if its a good thing that I want to make myself look good for my boyfriend since that's the only think I am lacking off  , just kidding! Or it's a bad reason to stay fit.

Either way, I am inspired so it doesn't bother me. :D

I have no idea how to start, yes, but I won't lose this game.
*Monica Geller's game face on*

Healthy living starts now.
Let's all see the ending of it all shall we?

A month to go, ladies and gentlemen...

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