Saturday, June 2, 2012

Got It

Last day we fought. It was a simple thing really.
No, we were not fighting, I was just really pissed off at something he did - or in this case, did not do.
We were on the streets. You know what I mean right? That couple fighting on the street the other one walking faster than the other her face looks all serious, ready to lash it all out on someone.
The truth is I hate those times. I hate it. And I hate it when we fight.
But you know when a girl is mad, she's mad.
So he gently pulled me aside because I was telling him that I want to go home already, we were actually heading that way.
I just shut my mouth - a trick that took me years to learn.
He held my face and fixed the stray hairs on my cheeks. He told me the magic word.
"Let's not fight anymore.."
I was silent. Smoke going out of my nose.
"My ex and I always fight on the street before and it doesn't look nice. I don't like it. Let's not do it please?"
And that was it.
I let it go. Because the truth is my ex and I used to do it all the time too. And it was nasty. I hated it so much, and I don't want to make the same mistakes with him again.
And so I let out a sigh and let go.
"Fine" I said.
And we walked back to where we should have been heading and he hugged me with his left arm.
And it just feels right.
This time I got it right.

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