Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bummed Out

Dear future Cherry,

One day, You'll be sitting on your butt somewhere feeling that life sucks because you are tired and you have to work on a weekend or on a holiday. You might be in a hospital, you might not be. Wherever that is, I hope you are happy doing it.

Here's the thing. Today, June 2, 2012, you are almost two years unemployed and you have no money to even buy your own cellphone load. You feel really bummed out and useless, always thinking of ways (some of them are pretty stupid I tell ya) on how to earn money.
You are currently dispersing your resume to different hospitals around Manila, hoping that one of them will get picked up and read.
So please, stop complaining right now and think about these days. You were jobless at 22 and you need to get some things going for you already, start your own life - no, not family - LIFE, already.
Be thankful for the little things will you? Or in your case, big things.

Past Cherry, 22 y/o

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