Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blogging From Work!

So here I am right now at work. Waiting for the time to pass so I could teach my next student. I was so hungry a while ago that I have to run (Half true) to Jollibee and back before my "break time" is over. Funny is I have learned that I could down a burger in 5 bites :D Yummy!

I have a short story. A while ago, when I came to work, I rode the elevator to my floor. I was alone at the elevator, maybe because it was Saturday, but it wasn't a big deal to me..until it stopped on the 9th floor. See, I have no idea what offices are on the other floors other than my floor and the cafeteria's so  I was nonchalant at first. Then the door opened and there was a big cardboard box blocking the elevator door, maybe to keep people from going out of the floor. The lights were closed behind the box and obviously nobody was waiting on that floor. Imagine my horror! Who the hell called the elevator on that floor?!
I stepped back, my eyes popped out and I even looked around the elevator (the ghost could be there. lol ), It was stupid :P
But I was really scared out of my wits! And the door closed and I stepped out to my destination. Whew. What a day!

So right now ( 9:11 PM ), I am done with my two students and was supposed to be teaching right now but the person who reserved a slot was absent. And guess what?
He was the reason why I have to work today. I should have been at home right now and work on Tuesday instead, but then a mistake was made on my debut day and my trainor opened slots for today. To make the long story short, we have to move my schedule to next week so I could graduate with the other trainees. They had closed my other schedules for today BUT, the said student reserved a slot at 9 PM so we cannot close that one anymore! So what happened is that we just opened the entire day and so here I am at work right now. Because of the student who reserved 30 minutes of lesson, who unfortunately decided to go AWOL on me.
They say that everything happens for a reason, what could it be? Why did I have to leave home and go here instead? I have no idea :) Might update you on that one someday if knew why.

So, this could be my last entry right now. on 9:30 I will have my last student for the day and then go straight home.

See you next time :D

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