Friday, November 11, 2011

To every person who's been hurt,

To every person who’s been hurt, either boy or girl, by the very person they gave their hearts to. To all of you who’s been cheated, lied to and left alone by the very person you chose to show your vulnerability with. You, every single one of you who’s in pain right now. You have every right to break down; but believe me when I say this: One day, you will find the good in goodbye. You will learn to smile again and you WILL be happy once more. Just feel the pain in your chest right now and cry the tears from your heart. When you are done, wipe them away. Breath deep and stand up. You are now stronger and there’s not a thing in this world you can’t surpass anymore. And the day will come and you’ll realize that you really can be happy again, and as a matter of fact, you’ve never been happier. And you’d wonder why they didn’t call it bestbye

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