Sunday, October 30, 2011

Virtual Tip Jars for Blogs and Websites

So you've heard of the virtual tip jar blogger is offering and you thought, I think I want that thing on my site! But you're wondering how or why you have get one; wondering if this will help your blog or pull it down. Well, lucky for you, here I am to answer your queries.

First things first!


The virtual tipping on blogs isn't news. I had visited many blogs that has it already way before google introduced them. It might make you wonder or even doubt if your blog is awesome enough for this. Well, I for one am telling you that you don't have to worry. I've just installed a tip jar to my blog and my blog is still a baby. It doesn't really matter if your blog is big or small. Virtual tip jar is just for fun. You don't really expect it to pay for your monthly groceries right? - But then again, that depends on your readers!:) For me, virtual tipping is one way a reader can express his ultimate gratitude whenever he feels the need to. If the reader was really entertained on your post or your blog really did helped him, maybe he want to give back to feel good for himself.
One day I rummaged the entire internet for troubleshooting and came across a really helpful blog. No, I didn't tip the blog since I didn't have paypal then, but the lessons is there. If a a month and 31 posts later, the tip jar is still empty, don't fret. It doesn't mean anything. Remember, we're not begging. Just suggesting ;)
And you know what they say, opportunity knocks only once - but what if there's no door.
Get my idea?

Next the HOW?
So I checked out the Virtual Tip Jar and sadly, as of October 26, 2011, it is only available to United States and United Kingdom residents. Bummer.
BUT! Don't cry, Paypal still has their donate button available. This is actually what most blogger use for their tip jars. Cool?

If you still don't have Paypal then first, why the hell not??
Second, go here and sign-up.

 Log-in to your PayPal account. And Choose Merchant Services. On the lower right corner of the window, you will see the Key Features box. Choose Donations.

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This form will be opened, fill it in with your own information. On the customize button area, click on Customize text or appearance and choose Use your own button image. Paste a URL of an Image you want in the box provided for.
See here if you want free tipjar images made by yours truly. ☺

After you're done, click create button.

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