Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I am trying to update my iphone 4 to iOS 5, but error 3194 keeps popping up!
Looking around the internet for solutions and I found this "host" file that I need to download, I did. Doesn't work because it has a .txt extension! And then there's this other thing the tinyumbrella. Will see now.
Oh, I can feel it. A one fucked iPhone waiting to happen.

Ef this.

Curse you error 3194!

Oh, Mario Maurer is here in the Philippines.
Hi handsome :) Welcome!



After two days, I tried using googling around and found bunch of other tutorials about using tiny umbrella.
Seems like some tutes left out some steps and others have additional ones.
I will now choose one.
Keeping my fingers crossed now as I follow it.

Will keep you posted.
OKAY YES!:) I'm on iOS5 now and it is aswesome!
Still haven't snooped that much though, and still haven't jailbroken it yet :D
Loving it at the moment!

iPhone 4 using iOS 5

Still nothing much in here.

Here's how I did it.

Not pissed,

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