Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lazy Me

Okay, here's what.
I'm getting sucked in again by The Sims 3, since I have installed generations. I am supposed copy my lola's house on the Sims because it will undergo renovation on October, and so I will design it :) *crosses fingers*
I feel really lazy as ever right now. I have to clean my room and my sister's room and our house and yet, I am still sitting here doing nothing. In addition to that, I still have blog post tutorials to do, which I think I will be doing after this post.

Still no hospitals calling dear me. My tita invited me to join our City Hall's GIP program or whatever it is called. I think I'm going to apply so I could add the money for my netbook savings :D

Remind me to buy energy drinks when I buy groceries, I think I need them.
Got off the yoga wagon for now, not even exercising at all. I wake up at 11am everyday and sleep at 2am.
I am definitely losing it.

But, I will take it a day at a time and today, I shall blog.
Then I shall Sims.

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