Saturday, August 27, 2011

God Moves in Mysterious Ways

I haven't updated in a while now. I was busy the whole week and will be busy for the next two. No, I still don't have a job and I've let go of that problem for the mean time.
I am now under the Government Internship Program of Manila City Hall and I will be there for 20 days. What we basically do there is have seminars and trainings regarding all kinds of things like leadership, teamwork, personality and values formation We also have a scheduled tour around the best and unnoticed parts of Manila and the one I am most excited about, the community service we will be having. And if you did not get excited about those at all, hear this. You get all of those benefits and they will pay you for it. After 20 days we will all receive 4,000+ php.

These past few days I've found new friends (and very thoughtful admirers :">) and I am very blessed to have known them and their inspiring stories. When I say inspiring, I mean the kind of inspiring that makes you want to kneel down and weep while regretting every single day you forgot how blessed you are. I've met some really nice people ( some not so ) and they are the ones who's lifting my spirits high.
A few days back I had and emotional breakdown and I asked my sister if she could just please give me some ideas on how something like this can be seen as a half-full glass, because the truth was I was on the end of my string. She said that if I was in a hospital instead, I wouldn't have met the people I've met. And she was right.
I might not be stepping on a stone that could bring me closer to my goal, but I am currently enriching my soul.
For the past few months I've been focusing on training and job and money that I lost sight of what's important.
We all applied for the "job" but I think my benefits are different from them. I am not saying this to boast but I am just stating it as a fact: While they might be entering there for the allowance, I am not there for the money. I could use some but I don't really need it for anything at the moment other than to add it to my savings account. What I get in return for applying as a GIP is bigger than money. I get to met inspiring people.
The kind of people that got addicted to drugs but are now clean and active members of the church; pure people that has no single vengeful thoughts for their abusive stepfathers and people who gets into every job just to support themselves. Frankly, I see myself lower than them and I envy them for having such courage and life experiences and for the first time, I am happy for being rejected for that hospital training.

If you are live in Manila and is interested to join GIP, visit the Manila City Hall Youth Development and Welfare Bureau at room 555, and then, you'll see what I mean.

Glory to God for His mysterious ways.

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