Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Every Dog Has it's Day

Guess what?
I have an interview from the hospital I took tests on last month. It's crazy! I gave up on it already because I never thought I'd be accepted after my exams but here I go and landed on another level. My interview would be at 1:30pm with my complete nursing uniform.
I am so nervous and scared that I'll make a fool of myself :/
I am searching the internet right now studying the basic things I have to remember again. I swear, every day I become less and less like nurse. Feels like all my knowledge are draining away from me.
But anyway! It's okay, I just pray this one's for me.
Did you know that I took a test and a re-test for this one? On the re-test the others only answered a couple of questions while I have to answer the entire questionnaire! I don't know what is making them hang on me still, but I guess every dog has its day.

Whew, wish me luck!

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