Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Deviation At Last

Today, I went to this 20-Day Government Program thing. (You do understand why I don't give out the exact names of places to where I am or have been right?)I do not know anyone there. It has always been a challenge for me to be the friendly hey-what's-your-name-where-do-you-live kind of person, but I am currently working on that now. Though I still can't be the first one to do it, that would come later I guess.
Anyhow, I made two acquaintances today - my two seatmates. Sadly, the both of them live around the area so they both went home at lunch time and I was left there to eat on my own. Though I am naturally a solitary person, it still feels a little sad to sit and eat alone in a sea of groups of people.
Well, I got through it. And so the seminar went on as usual.

I got three things to say on the entire day

1. I freakin' left my phone at home. I'm not the kind of person that can't go through her day without her phone. Or maybe I am? Not really. I don't have anybody annoyingly text me every five minutes, so I really don't care about that part. I was concerned because I have my music in there and my games and my reminders. But I got through the day without it so I guess that counts for something.

2. There are 3 kinds of guys.

3. My crush was there today!! :D Okay, he way (way) older than me and he's our superior so..
But he was there and he talked in front for a couple of hours and I was able to stare at him and that was that.

I went to a mall afterwards to buy what I was supposed to buy which I wasn't able to find so I just bought a bag and croissants. It was also raining a while ago so I also bought French Vanilla coffee from 7/11 and went home to drink it with my croissant and live happily ever after.

7:40 again tomorrow.
Here we go.

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