Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Okra Magic

Today, I woke up late again. As usual :)
And I am so disappointed with myself right now.

I went downstairs to eat but there was nothing (that I like), so I went and cooked some boiled okra. If I can remember clearly, okra was my favorite vegetable when I was a child. That and sayote and baguio beans :) I still can't figure out how can hate eatin veggies. Is the fault of the parent or it's more of an individual's personal preference for food? I'd say it's the parents.
Going back to okra, my lolo even told me a while ago that there was also an adobo on one of the pans. I said okra's enough for me because I'm fed up with meat already.
Ha! Those are my lola's exact words too everytime we eat.
Aside from cooking my own okra and dipping it on her bagoong isda + vinegar, I am already turning into her. NOT that it's a bad thing. We have more things in common than I realize :)

I would be cleaning our house now. Two days of neglect and it's turning into a big mess like my sister's room already. :)

See you all in a bit.

Reese's and Kisses,
Cherry F.

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