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Source Code (2011) Movie Review

Source Code (2011)
The movie starring Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) is about a soldier who wakes up on a train with his last memory about a mission in Afghanistan. A Christina Warren (Michelle Monaghan) is talking to him and referring to him with another name. Much to his confusion, he later realized that he is inside a body of a different man. Confused, he was jerked out of the scene and wakes up inside a small room, a woman named Goodwin (Vera Farmiga) talking to him on a monitor. He was informed of his sole mission - to look for the bomber of the Chicago commuter train he's just been on. And everything else is irrelevant.

I love movies that tickles your mind like this. It puzzles you, makes you think. The movie was great and refreshing for me. I haven't seen a lot of movies yet that is about one's memory or a parallel reality. And it's really interesting to watch especially the ending - which you'd have to figure out on your own :)
Do you think there is an alternate reality of you? Another you who made a different decision or choice in life. Another you living his/her life different than yours. Another version of your life?

Here are some questions I found on IMDB about the movie:
1. If he saved the entire train in the end so their lives continued, then why didn't the girl live when he got her off the train when he got hit by the Express Train? I know they explained it in the middle of the movie, but the ending kind of contradicted that theory
→ Well, we didn't know that. He might have saved Christina Warren on that parallel. She lived and Sean got hit by the train and she mourns and police investigates and she goes on with her life. On the last part though, let's not forget that he (half of his body lying inside a capsule) died in the end. Goodwin pulled on his plug and he died. Meaning, he was cut off from the program; he was discharged from the Source Code Software and he has no connection with the original universe anymore therefore he doesn't have to go back and that's the reason why we all had a chance to see how everything turned out to be.

2. Since he is now living the teacher's life, then what would happen if they did a second mission? Would his mind become linked to someone else's and leave the teacher's or would he be living two different lives?
→ The main theme of the movie here is "Parallel Universe". Every time a consciousness leaves a body through the Source Code Software it creates another world. For all those times Colter "went in" to find the bomber he is making different versions of whatever happened inside the train. But it doesn't matter though since the train blew up in the end. It only matters on the one he and Christina alight the train because on that universe, Christina lived.
So, answering the question, no he wouldn't leave the teacher's body. On that universe (the one where Goodwin received the e-mail) there's a different Colter waiting for his "time to see the sun" to be pushed inside the Source Code creating yet again, another Universe.

3.So... what happened to the teacher?
That is the question. What happened to him is he died. He's the only person whom Colter wasn't able to save. He lives. His body lives. But we all know that that wasn't him anymore.
So if we look at it this way, one fine morning Christina and Sean was on a train talking like usual and one second after, Colter replaced him and he asked her for coffee, they kissed, and the day went on.

The movie was really great aside from the ending. If they'd just left the ending with the scene where everybody was frozen that would have been perfect. But they'd have to make it a love story too so it lost it's touch and in the end brought confusion. It really bugged me the way it ended with the both of them standing inside the big thing and his reflection was of Sean's. It was like he robbed him of his life and it was unfair to Sean's part. What would He he do then? He's not a teacher and he doesn't know Sean's family and friends. Would he pretend his whole life?

There are better ending I could think of:
1. The scene where everyone was frozen and happy. It's like they died yes, but at least they experienced happiness.
2. When he was pulled out from the software everything was unfrozen but instead of him it would be Sean who's kissing Christina instead. Christina likes Sean and not Colter. He should have just died, since that's what what he wanted on the first place. The director should have just left Christina and Sean alone. Christina's happiness should have been the reason for going back and saving them.
3. If they really want Colter and Christina to end up together, they should have just switched Colter and Sean's life. Example it would be a dead history teacher on the Source Code experiment and it would be the childhood friend ex-soldier Colter with Christina on the train.

Well. That was that. The body snatcher idea will forever will be creepy for me though.

Reese's and Kisses from a parallel version of me,

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