Thursday, July 28, 2011


I am printing big ass quotes and I've spent 33 pages of legal sized paper for it. Guess why.
Ow fine! I will cut it out and post it around my room. These are my favorite quotes and I am thinking of filling my room with them. :)
I've been planning of doing this for a long time now and now I've had the inspiration to do it. But I don't know exactly why. The last thing I remembered was I was mad because my heart was getting filled with hate for another human being. I prayed to God that he remove hate from my heart and from the hearts of the people around me and that he free them from pain and insecurity. I asked myself why and still I don't know why. Might be because empathy is both my gift and curse. And now, I am here blogging and the printing is done. I still have to cut a lot though. I hope I can finish this by tomorrow because I am excited to put them up. My room is getting filled with a green apple scent because I lit 6 scented tea candles. Again, I don't know why but might be because I need to feel extra serene today. I don't want to think about anything today. I just want to keep my head clear of everything. Out of topic: Somebody just sent me a personalized goodnight text. You know what, I tend to be like this. I tend to overlook genuine people in my life. And one of these days God will take away my eyes for it. :(
Anyway, no more thinking and here I go. Cut cut cut.

Angel kiss,

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