Saturday, July 16, 2011

Of everything that happened on HP 7 Part 2..

SPOILER ALERT:If you haven’t seen the movie and read the book yet please don’t read further.

Of everything that happened on Harry Potter, generally (besides the day Dumbledore died), the thing that I can’t get over with is Snape. I am not a die hard fan of HP, I admit, I haven’t even finished reading the entire set yet. But I refused to listen to my sister when she tells me about the story and ending, because I want to know it on my own. The ending was a surprise for me, of course I know Harry would live and Voldermort (I am not afraid of the name!) would die, but the other back stories was a shock for me. Ever since I saw HP, I’ve been at awe with Snape and his mysteriousness. There was something peculiar about him. And the way he carries himself and even his way of speaking, very, slowly… (I know he’s an old man but dammit, let it be). His love and sacrifice for Lily was just heartbreaking (Hear him say ‘Always’) The way he was always there for her and then suddenly lost her to another boy who just entered the scene.

Just imagine taking care and protecting the child of the love of your life with another woman. (Hear him say ‘Anything’)

Maybe it was when Harry look at that basin thing (please fans, don’t laugh at me, I told you I wasn’t a big fan) with Snape’s memory in it that really struck me. In there we saw the Snape with emotions - love, pain, jealousy and fear, unlike his regular expressionless face. The way he looks while pleading to Dumbledore to hide them and protect them and when he learned the news that Lily died after all and all those times he has to suck it up and pretend to side with the noseless man who killed her. Yes, yes, Harry was a brave man who would sacrifice himself, And finally Ron and Hermione’s admission, Neville’s swag and just about everything amazing about the movie, I haven’t forgotten that :)

But really, I can’t get over Snape.

Is it obvious?

“You have your mother’s eyes”

Cherry F.

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