Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My First Text From a Hospital

Yesterday, I received a text from one of the hospitals we sent our Resumes to. I was scheduled for an exam tomorrow, at 9am. Well, after reading that message I freaked! I wasn't expecting a result that fast. I actually gave myself 3 months to wait for calls from them, before I jump to some of the available non-hospital jobs.
But there it is. Though it was so far from my home, I really don't mind. I'd grab anything.
The thing is, I still haven't brushed up on my notes (as you can see I am still on the internet), and the moment I opened my book a while ago I got a headache. Literally.
I am so nervous for tomorrow. If I flunk this one, there would be no more future blog post about it anymore so please just don't ask.

I keep giving myself pep talks like: "I know these things. I've already passed the bored. I've studied this for four years. I am a professional. I am a Registered Nurse.". It seems to work - for a little while. And then I go doubting myself again. I really hope I'd get this one. I want to start already!:(
If I don't, I'd understand. Maybe it's not yet my time and God has other plans lined up for me.

I am just really amazed right now on how much information about nursing has already slipped my mind.
It's already over a year since I cracked open anything related to nursing and I think I've already lost them all.
Must be non-sense. I haven't even started yet for crying out loud!
But still. I feel that way.
I even already forgot how to calculate dosages.

I'm scared.
Not because I might fail the exam.
I'm scared that I might eventually regret taking up Nursing.

I hope it's just my nerves.

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