Friday, July 8, 2011

I ran out of titles

WOW. That was all I could say with the new blogger layout and design.
Well, I could definitely say that I love this one! It's cleaner and more informative than the previous design.
Though I have to familiarize myself again with it again, I say It's worth it :)

Well, enough with that for now.
Today, I still feel crappy. You know the feeling, girls? When I check my calendar, it tells me that I still have 6 days to go till that day of the month. But then again, it don't usually arrive on time. So...

I have duties to do today. Clean the house, feed the dog and do some never ending research about the things I want to do and things to buy for this "business" plan of mine. So, I have to postpone this blog post before I go any  further and starve my little dogs to death.

Bye for now.

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