Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to Add a Guestbook on your Blog

Here is a tutorial for a simple Guestbook for your blog.
First of all, what is a guestbook? Well, a guestbook is like a commenting area. Unlike the comment box normally found under each post, Guestbooks are not attached under your them. They could be found on another website or embedded on your blog. You visitors can use your Guestbook to leave a feedback about you or you blog in general.

Let's begin!
First, here is an example of my guestbook  provided by 123Guestbook

  • FREE
  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Can be customized to fit your theme
  • Accept smileys and text formatting
  • Sends you a notification and can automatically send a 'thank-you email' to the visitor (optional)
  • Can block spammers
  • Has a separate page for your Guestbook wherein the visitor would need to leave your blog - BUT we'll fix that ;) I'll show you how to embed it right at your blog  using an iframe.
  • Free versions has ads

STEP 1: Sign-up
Make an account at 123Guestbook. After logging-in to your account, this is what you will see. On the left side of your account are the controls which are easy enough to understand.
For now play with your Guestbook Layout and customize your theme, colors, scrollbar, question form and Guestbook options.

Click to enlarge (Opens on a new tab)
STEP 2: Create a blogger PageOn your blogger, make a new blank page.

STEP 3: Make an iFrame
Go back to your 123Guestbook account and click on your username to see your Guestbook page.

A new window would open showing your Guestbook with all the customization you've done with it. What you need with that window is the website address. Example, my guestbook website address is
We'll use yours on Step 4.

STEP 4: Make your own Blogger Guestbook Page
Cick on HTML.
Copy the following code and paste it on your window.
<iframe frameborder="0" height="100%" src="Insert the website address here we got from Step 3" width="100%"> <a href='Insert the website address here we got from Step 3' target='_blank'>If page isn't loading, click here to open guestbook on a new window instead.</a></iframe>
NOTE: If you want to additional message on top of your guestbook form like on mine, you can add them normally above (or below) that code.

STEP 5: Provide a link on your blog
Provide the link to that page by either putting it on your menu or sidebar. Mine's on the menu above!:)

That's it! Drop your questions, comments and clarifications below :)

Reese's and Kisses,


  1. Hey first comment! I will try this one and tell you how it went. Thanks!

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