Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How Does it Feel to Lose Your First Love?

It's 1am and I am about to go to bed. I was watching Gandang Gabi Vice episodes on my computer a while ago and then I found the episode he has with Ethel. And then, I found Ethel's cover of Big Girl's Don't Cry on youtube and she really has an effortless voice.
So I missed singing and decided to make another recording, but then I found Christina Grimme's covers on youtube, she was amazing! And then by then, I started to feel disappointed with myself that I just neglected my first love like that - singing.
And now I don't feel like doing covers anymore.
And now I shall sleep.


Oh, by the way.
Since I am gonna be with my blog for a year, I will enrich it more with contents about me tomorrow. Just like a real web blog. My own personal journal.

I also wanted to tell you how I feel disconnected with writing already, and now singing, and everything else that I seem to love before.
I don't know.

I feel like I hit my head really hard and I am now a completely different person.

Will sleep on it.

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