Friday, July 15, 2011

Exam Day and A Cake

I woke up at 6:30 am yesterday, July 15, 2011, up and ready for my Exam. I actually finished early so I decided to stay at home for a while, since my commuting time is only an hour. Ear buds stuck in my ear, I was listening to music the whole way to the hospital to keeping myself calm. My phone is set to alarm 30 min before 9:30 and another, 15 min. before. I wasn't panicking. I arrived on time. Or so I thought.

When I arrived there, I peeked through the door of the auditorium where at least 20 people were taking an exam.
I thought, maybe they were scheduled 7am. Nope, they weren't. As I went to the entrance of the auditorium, there where no people waiting for the 9:30 schedule. Still, not panicking - but embarrassed, I approached the lady on the next room asking about the test schedule. And there she said it was set for 9:00. I was shocked! I was 30 min. late!!! On my exam!! For a JOB!!

Here's a little back story. I received a text instructing me to call a landline number if I am still interested with my application. So I did. The lady on the other line told me the day and time - I can't remember clearly anymore, but I could swear she said 9:30. I was so excited since it was my first text for a job exam, and so I entered the event on my phone's calendar. The grand mistake was that I did not enter the time, instead I set it to 'Whole Day'.

So I was late.
The people in the HR Dept. were very nice. They gave me my exam questionnaire and answer sheets. I entered the auditorium (all eyes on me) coolly, like everything is what's supposed to be. I sat on a vacant chair and started my exam.
I was still calm by then, until I read the questions! My mind went blank.
I know the questions, I know the answers, they were just out of reach.
I closed my eyes a couple of times to try and calm myself. Your future doesn't depend here. Nope. Calm the fuck down. Every hospital you passed your Resumes to would be interested to hire you. They would! lol
So I started answering and answers flowed naturally to my answer sheet. I had to skip some computations because they just aren't registering in my brain, so I went to the easy ones first. Going back to other questions, I realized they were actually not that hard. With some bits of my commonsense returning, I answered all the computations but one.

Generally, I was happy with the exam. Not that I am expecting a call from them, I think there I would fail the exam :P And even if I would pass it, I think there are others more qualified than me. I was just happy that I finished the exam knowing that I knew the answers to the questions. It would be awful to go home and still have a mental block. Though I won't be accepted in that hospital, I would still be happy. I came late but still finished earlier than the other and I had the brightest idea to mind my manners and apologize for my tardiness, because frankly I would have just passed my paper and got the hell outta there. So all in all, I would say that Testing #1 was a success.

Oh, I had an appointment with my dentist that day too. But before that, I ate lunch at Red Ribbon and treat myself with some cake to celebrate.
Fat kid loves chocolate cake.  by cherryf
Red Ribbon's Chocolate Fudge Cake
Sweet chocolate kisses,

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