Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cold Day Thoughts

The weather is still crazy here in the Philippines. Crazy in a way that one moment it's calm and in two seconds the rain is already beating the roofs down. But it's all good (for me) since the wind coming from my window is so cool against my skin.
I had a good sleep last night, the smell of green apples was lingering in the air. I lit candles last night and debated whether I would leave the tea candles lit or not while I sleep. Well, though there was no way it could start a fire, still I chose safety first and blew them off remembering the saying "Some accidents are avoidable". So I slept in my warm bed on a cold night, in the darkness of my room, smelling of green apples. And that made was why I had a good night's sleep.
Today though, is a different day and I have things in my mind that I have to say.

1. I still have to cut a lot of papers for my wall art. And as always, I am thinking of turning this into a business. And that answers the question I have from my other post. If I did not pursue nursing, I'm probably in business right now. Before I drift of to sleep last night the last thought on my mind was my goal. I have a goal and it is not to become a Chief Nurse. My simple goal right now is to help my family and give back to every people that helped me along the way. And now that I've accepted that fact, I think it's also time for me to accept that it's okay for me to reach that goal using any means. But that's another story ;)

2. It warms my heart to see that my blog reaches people worlds away from me. Hi to the people of United States
Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Romania, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and United Kingdom. I hope you found what you were looking for!
This is really amazing for me :) I sit here and write my thoughts and knowledge and people actually read them :) I never entered blogging for fame, and I am glad that I've lost that idea when I momentarily left tumblr. Thanks again for those people reading my blog. I love you all <3

3. I forgot the other thing. Oh yeah, I remembered already. My heart is breaking because of all the tutorials I should have done by now. They are still sleeping on my drafts folder and this is because when I force myself to write them, I feel that blogging is turning into work and that is the furthest thing I want my blog to be. So the tutorials would have to wait.

Going now. Still have to cut stuff and then some.

Happy and serene,

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