Monday, June 27, 2011

You actually don’t have to always be first in a race.

They say that we are born winners because we outrun - uh, outswam, all the other sperms to the egg. But actually, we didn’t.
We were actually the average swimmers. We were in the middle of the race.
The fastest ones on the front, died - science of male alkalinity and and female acidity.
Millions of them protected us and literally paved the way in for us so we can swim safely in the lake ;)

The point is, in life, it’s not always a question of who’s there already, who’s the fastest or who’s first. It’s about how you will get there and how you will use your abilities to get there. When you look around you, people are already advancing. People are already halfway to where you want to be. Some people half your age are already there actually. But it doesn’t matter.
If you really, really, really want something and persevere to get it.
If you set your mind on your goal, plan your tactic, identify bumps ahead and prepare, you will get there.

Life isn’t a race on who’s first and who’s last. What matters is how well you ran to get there, because death is the only finish line.
And I definitely don’t want to race you there.

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