Thursday, June 2, 2011

When Luck Turns Sour

I installed the necessary drivers on my pc today. I am thinking of skipping the games so that i would be able to concentrate on working. Whatever "work" meant.

I am thirsty as of the moment and i want an ice cold juice. It's supposed to be rainy season at this time of the year here in the Philippines, but tonight the temperature is higher than ever. Oh no, scratch that. I've seen worse. Or ist felt? My mama turned on the AC outside, but I doubt that the cold air would reach my room.

I am reading Coelho's The Winner Stands Alone, And I particularly liked this quote:
"It takes a diamond to cut a diamond"
I don't know what kind of interpretation you have for that, but mine is this: If you just realize how great you are, and forget about the negative people in your life, nobody can bring you down. Because you are a diamond and they know nothing about what you've been through and you can't let them pull you. See? It takes a diamond to cut a diamond. :)

On a lighter note, we tried to replace our sink faucet today. Water flew all around! My sister had to go down three times to close and open the main faucet. Take note, we live three floors up. :) Well that was a failure. I had to shower again because I was dripping wet! And I had to swallow the courage to go under the sink and forget the creepy crawling things that lives under there!
So tomorrow, we'll just ask somebody to fix that darn faucet.

Oh I almost fogot, I need to go back to my bank and get my debit card. Yeeey! Activating my paypal soon and then, we are off to a new address :D
I need to sleep now. Goodnight everyone.

Here's a view of my door when I am lying on my bed like now.

Cherry F.

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