Sunday, June 26, 2011

What am I?

We have to walk hermes today so I have to make it fast. And yes, we woke up late again that is why we will walk our dog in the middle of the day. It's fine though, the weather is cold and the sun is not blaring in the sky.
What I basically want to say right now is that I am hungry. I ate a piece of bread and after that just ham :) There's no rice -_- There's no breakfast. And like I told you, I am a breakfast person. And so. I am on the border of my emotions. I am not starving though and the food isn't actually the problem - since I can eat crackers/instant noodles or whatever it is our sari-sari store has. The thing is, I hate it now that my mama's not here again. Feels like nobody is there to take care of us. HEY, I know, I know. I am most definitely not a kid anymore that needs taking care of. It's just that sometimes I also want to eat on time. That's it. And I feel the more terrible because there's nobody else that would do housework here besides me. My lola is always at our store. My lolo has other stuffs to do to. And they are not really supposed to work around the house anymore so that leaves me, my sister and my tita. My tita is working and my sister has school. So that leaves ME. I am supposed to clean the house and cook everyday. Sometimes my lolo/lola does that too of course. But it's the same everyday. No breakfast, lunch at 3 and dinner at 9. I should be taking over because of the free time I have in my hand. Though I also have things to do, and I still have our house to take care of (You won't understand, I have two houses. I'll tell you some other time), still, it's supposed to be my job. Because speaking of job, still don't have any and I have nothing else to contribute to this house anymore. But let's not go there okay? - But I am seriously doubting where my life is going right now.

Anyway. Here's the plan.
I will try to run the house for two months (That's a looong plan dammit!) a week at a time. This week, I'll be learning to cook. I'll be reading my lola's Filipino cookbooks and I will buy groceries and plan our meal.
So. That's our plan for the week! Please cross your fingers for me?

I don't know what the people my age are supposed to do. The people I know are either looking for a job, have a job, don't care for a job, drinks all night or at school studying again some other thing.
Guess, I am different. I am a mayordoma, my sister's baby sitter, her tutor, a pet salon, the repairman, an unemployed and sometimes, underemployed, a nurse and of course a person for myself.

Good luck to me, and way to go to make a short post -_-

Reese's and Kisses,

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