Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where You Are

Now that that tutorial post is done. How about some real blogging action?
I would love that but, I have nothing to tell right now :) I stayed at home all day, made my calendar widget tute and watched Red Riding Hood. Tomorrow, I will be going out, so it would be a good thing if I go to bed already.
This morning I told you that I might tell you the story about this "Alex" guy.
Well, actually there's nothing to tell. We are worlds apart. Maybe I really do feel these things, maybe not. I dunno, but you know how these feelings evolve right? It's just that for me, I feel like I really know him. And the way he thinks and the reasons why he do what he does. I feel like I've known him for a long time now.
Cliche. I know right? But I have't felt this way before about a person that's why my heart is really confused right now. But hey, just to remind you, we are worlds apart.

I just pray to God that if this is it, then let's do it!
lol :D

Can't make a cover today, my throat isn't used to the singing anymore.
BTW, I still don't have a job. No hospitals open for training yet. So to all those people who hates their job right now, I'd be happy to be on your shoes any time of the day.
I pray that I'd get there asap. But where I am now is alright too.

You know me, I believe that we are where we are supposed to be at this very moment.

Goodnight to all,

PS. Can I have just one clear sign?:(
Thank you :)

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