Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Luck is Turning Around

First things first:
Guess where I am right now :)
Well, I am at home. In my room. On my Pc. With an Internet. YES!:D

These past few weeks (months), I've been fretting about how I can't blog, really blog if I am not using my own laptop or pc. And how my baby, my very old pc, that's been with me since the day I realized that I like to write, still, has no internet connection - and is actually not even working. And now. Here I am, with my new OS (Fine. And old OS:WinXP) and on the internet, get this - tethered from my phone thanks to MyWi!

Ohh yes! Blogging in peace at last! You have no idea how happy I am right now :)
I was this close to selling my grampa pc (not such a baby anymore) and settling with a netbook! The cheapest and slowest itsy bitsy netbook I can find.
It's quite fast for a tethered wifi, still need to download chrome though, I am running on explorer right now :))
Yeah, yeah. Everything about this pc is old, but I don't care! As long as I have an internet connection and a keyboard, I'm all set. And yes, I can live without a mouse. :)

On the other side of the news, well... Lemme see. I'll tell you about that when its already solid okay?
Will install a buncha stuffs.

See ya in a bit. Or tomorrow.

Reese's and Kisses :)

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