Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Beginning of All Beginnings

I just finished my 'lunch" today. I was cooking corned beef with tomatoes and sausages a while ago when my knife slipped and sliced my left pinky :( Last week a broken glass cut my right pinky. Am I getting clumsier by the minute??

I don't know, maybe I drank a good cup of tea this morning that's why I cleaned my tita's living room - mini living room. I rearranged the furnishings and made the place look spacious. Maybe a before and after photo later? I mopped the floor and wiped the dusts. I hang the chimes lower in front of the windows
FACT: I love wind chimes
and replaced the curtains. I just wish my tita would like the new look. She's at her office right now ;p

I am so full, and I am sleepy. I can't think of anything to blog. All the things I wanted to say is sleeping in my head right now.
Later at 4, I will go to my sister's school and fetch her because we have an appointment at the dentist today. I still haven't taken a bath and I am sleepy -_-

OH OH! I almost forgot. Today, marks the first day of my blog - using my own domain. I got the money to pay for it from various blogging jobs and that is why I am so happy!:) Before, I was using and then I changed it to infinitecrumblet just to get people off my tracks, and now it is offically, now and forever, YEEEY!!☺ Oh I am so glad ☺

Anyway, I will be updating lot of things when we return home from the dentist. For now, I will give myself a nap for a job very well done.

It's all good ☺

Cherry F.

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