Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I am tired and pissed. Blogger autosave from hell.

You were writing a long post . You accidentally deleted 90% of your post. Autosave kicks in and bites you in the ass. You can't do anything about it. But, you are not alone, welcome to blogger.

I was making a very long tutorial post. I was posting something on the wrong area so I pressed ctrl+z.
My entire post disappeared. My fingers where nowhere near the backspace or delete button for crying out loud. I can't understand how a ctrl+z can delete my entire post.
And oh yeah, after I could even react, autosaved activated and alas, they disappeared forever.
I am really tired. It's 2:33am here already. My tutorial was already DONE by the way. I was just about to insert a picture when it happened. D a a a a m m n n i i t.

If you are here on this post because of that same problem, the help forum is packed with people with the same problem. And there's no solution to at as of the moment.

So, here's a video of funny cats to keep you happy.

Pissed as fuck,

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