Friday, June 17, 2011


Here I am, at 12 in the morning, editing my blog. Seems like I think best (?) at midnight. We went to the dentist today. Oh have I told you? We went there yesterday too. Our dentist said that she got it wrong and the machine to be used is at their other clinic. Long story short, she wants us to go back the next day instead. So there.
Well, my teeth aren't done yet. But my sister's are. I still have to go back there on Wednesday. It sucks -_-
I hate going out of the house especially if I won't be doing anything fun. This whole week we've been going out everyday and it is really tiring :( Well.

My eyes are getting tired. I will go back to tweaking now.
Oh! I almost forgot. I only blogged because I want to show you my new virtual/online signature ↓

Reese's and Kisses,

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