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Di Caprio and Winslet: A Real Platonic Affair

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Is Harry and Sally wrong? Can a man and a woman really be just friends?
Since Titanic, in 1997, Kate and Leonardo were inseparable. Years went by and both went through different relationships, each time leaving their fans in sorrow. And  up to now, We are still hoping that in the end, they would still end up together. 
They share everything with each other. When one has a problem, they are sure to run to the other. They have no secrets and they absolutely adore each other. The support, openness and love. It was perfect! But no.
A platonic love. A brother-sister relationship. That’s all they have for 15 years now.
Then there was the ring. The friendship ring Leo gave to Kate, which Kate wears beside her husband’s wedding ring before they got divorced. What does that even mean? I’ve never heard a friendship ring given by a man. Though it was really sweet of him, it just added a fuel to the burning anticipation everybody has for their relationship.
I don’t really know what’s with them and I do hope, they know what they are doing and none of them is really secretly in love and hurting inside. And of course, who could forget the famous speech of Kate on the 2009 Golden Globe Awards. And as a fan of their relationship, I can't help but give meaning to every single thing she said and did. (And oh btw, she also hugged Leo first before her hubbie.)
"To Leo: I love you with all my heart.To Sam: Thanks for directing this film."

I don’t know about you but I definitely raised my eyebrow on that part. They are really meant for each other they are so perfect for each other, I could cry. Two beautiful people, inside and out, they’d be 
a perfect couple. Nothing can beat marrying your bestfriend. But now even as I write this Kate and Leo appreciation post ;), I’m still debating on whether I really want them to marry off, because there’s always the possibility of them divorcing which would just be heartbreaking. Maybe they should just stay friends after all? That way, they could stay gold forever. It’s just sad for the people who they would finally end up with because they’d have to deal with the fact that somebody will always come before them and they could never top Leo/Kate. I am just happy that they are not falling under the pressure of the people around them and that they are taking things into their own hands. They will always be the power couple for me, and even if they would grow old as friends or if they would finally end as lovers when they are already too old, I think people would still cry with joy. In the world of show business, there are fake people and fake relationships, and then there’s also Kate and Leo.
 “He’s probably the world’s most beautiful looking man, yet he doesn’t think he’s that gorgeous. and to me, he’s just smelly, farty leo.”-Kate Winslet

“Sometimes kate was in tears, other times i was, and occasionally we both were. it was that kind of job. but kate is awesome. she is beautiful, tremendously talented and is really down to earth. i don’t think england realizes what a treasure she is.
-Leonardo DiCaprio

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