Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So I was on Yahoo Chat today. There are time like this that I feel bored, sarcastic, grumpy or I just want to have a random conversation with a random person when I decide to go to chat rooms. It was always the same thing. You encounter foul mouthed people, people looking for one night stands, people who are looking for relationships and sometimes, when you are lucky,  people like me who just really want a clean conversation to pass time. But I don't know why this night I felt extra crabby. Why is it that all of them wants to see your cam or for you to share your pic. Why? To make sure I am a real female? Or maybe to see if the person you are talking to is ugly? Pretty? Fat? Or skinny? Is it always like that with people? You have to see them so you would know how you’d react towards them?
When I talk on chat rooms, I don’t go around asking for people’s picture or camera just see who I am talking to. I just look for interesting people who are stimulating to talk to among the sea of perverts, and then I go from there. Once or twice I actually befriended somebody. We talked without bothering to ask for the other’s picture, and we had a pretty interesting conversation about the most random things.
It’s really disappointing, the human race.

Once, I actually fought with someone because he was accusing me of being gay because I don’t want to share a picture or my webcam. I never use cam when chatting and I rarely use a true picture. And so I got mad at him and his bashing so asked him what’s wrong about gays. I know it was a lost cause because those morons will stay as such, but all the annoyance I kept inside unfortunately was focused on him. It was a long story.. But towards the end, when I got tired fighting with him, I finally showed him one of my pictures just to prove a point and slam his prejudice on his face. Before I logged out, I said “We could have been friends asshole.”

Why am I ranting again?
Oh yeah, the human race.
We are doomed.
Don’t doubt it.

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