Friday, June 24, 2011

And you’re one day back.

One starry night you were walking down a street, going straight home.
A man walked beside you and grabbed your shoulders.
You felt something sharp on your side as he told you to hand him your wallet and cellphone.
Your heart raced, your palms cold and beads of sweat forms on your forehead.
Smart as you are, you tried to scream and break free.
He stabbed you twice and ran away.

You fell slowly on the ground, unbelievable pain shooting up your spine.
There was blood everywhere.
You hear chaos all around you.
People started calling for help.
And you lay there, sure to die.

You’re staring straight at the heavens.
Everything is dramatically in slow motion.
And there were things on your mind. Things like, what would I look like on the newspaper tomorrow. Who would come to my funeral.
Important things like, what were the last words you said to your parents.
What were you planning for tomorrow.
Things you still want to do, places you need to see.
Have you done enough good.
Your crush’s smile.
Things you wish you would have said.
Things you wish you didn’t.

And there was one falling star.

You closed your eyes and wished:
”One day, just one more day. I have to go back. Anything for it”

And the pain on your side stopped.
You felt numb and cold
You can’t remember anything.

Suddenly your surroundings became familiar.
And when you opened your eyes,
You are sitting there.
Reading a certain blog.
Believing that that’s exactly what you were doing a minute ago.

Use this day wisely.

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