Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wall of Names

Today I will take the leap and go to Unionbank. My sister will go to her school today and buy some school books, then we'll go somewhere with our mama. I will then look for affordable netbooks on the mall. I found some on an online shop for only 4k but I think they are not worth the money because you only get what you pay for. Still debating on that one though because I am thinking of managing my blog thorough my phone. That would actually be hard with all the linking and formatting but I think I could manage it as of the moment and not to mention, there's no official app for it yet.

My attitude really sucks when it comes to this. Why do I need (want) pre-requisites just to get this job done? Maybe because I hate it when there are people peeking over my shoulders when I am blogging or the fact that I get distracted easily.
Then again when you put your heart in something it will be done at its finest state.

My fingers are crossed.
Cherry F.

Today I tacked on my wall my grad picture where I was wearing my nurse uniform to remind myself what I am.

I naturally put my post title last. "Wall of Names" has nothing to do with the major topic on my post, but nevertheless it has a certain weight on the reality of my life. *bows*

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